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Pro-LTTE Chief Minister Vingeshwaran, Celebrates LTTE Terrorists as Heros

The Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister Pro-LTTE TNA member, C V Wigneswaran and three councillors illegally celebrated birthday of terrorist leader Prabakaran and heroes day of the LTTE terrorists in Jaffna by planting tree saplings in the premises of the secretariat of the provincial education ministry, which is located in a private land. Earlier, Chief Minister and his hard-line pro-LTTE extremist councillors tried to conduct a LTTE hero celebration event within the premises of the Northern Provincial Council. Following intervention of the security forces and police, the function was shifted to a private land.
NPC Minister of Agriculture P Aingaranesan and NPC Minister of Education T. Kurukularajah, NPC members V. Sivayogan, P. Gajadeepan and E. Arnold were present at the illegal function of celebration heroes day of LTTE terrorist..

Meanwhile in a statement, JHU leader Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera, ruling UPFA affiliate Jathika Hela Urumaya – JHU demands the government enforces the law and punishes those who had celebrated the LTTE heroes day and formulates new laws if the existing ones are inadequate to mete out the punishment.
The statement says that from time to time since the defeat of the Tamil separatist Tiger terrorism in 2009, the TNA and pro-LTTE groups had tried to hold such remembrances. By now, the TNA, which serves as the LTTE’s front, has been bold enough to extend such acts to parliament.
Also north chief minister Vigneswaran had compared Prabhakaran to freedom fighter.

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