TNA wants to commemorate dead Tamil terrorists

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist political party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has appealed to the Government to allow families of the LTTE Tamil terrorists and other Tamil civilians in the North and East to commemorate those killed during the war with Sri Lankan forces considering all of them are civilians regardless of their Tamil terrorist background.

TNA Parliamentarian, extremist M.A Sumanthiran said that the authorities may attempt to use the coronavirus to prevent families from visiting the cemetery to pay homage to those killed during the war. Sumanthiran’s party TNA is the formal representatives of the LTTE Tamil terrorists and  would be responsible for the war crimes committed by the LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Sumanthiran has said that November is the month where Tamil families remember those killed, including those LTTE terrorists killed while fighting the war with the Sri Lankan forces. During the LTTE active time 29th Nov and its week considered as Heroes week or Maaveerar Naal (Great Heroes’ Day) coincide with the birthday of the Tamil terrorist leader Prabakaran and the first suicide attack carried out by Tamil terrorists to Sri Lankan forces in month of November in Nelladiya army camp in Jaffna. The pro-Tamil terrorist Sumanthiran and TNA disguise the true fact of terrorism on this so called commemoration but try to paint a humanitarian flavour to it to attract the sympathy from some sectors of the government and from so-called International Community who support Tamil terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka.

Police in Sri Lanka asked court orders under Section 106 to stop all those kind of commemoration of Tamil terrorists.

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