• History is new(s)

    History is new(s)

    The late Jayalath Manoratne was arguably one of the finest actors this country has seen, on stage and on screen. He made each character he portrayed utterly memorable. Among all of them, perhaps the strangest character he had to play..

  • A gateway to illumination in West Virginia

    A gateway to illumination in West Virginia

    My friend Senaka Seneviratne, whenever he calls me, addresses me as ‘Captain Seneviratne.’ I have duly appointed him to a higher rank, Admiral Seneviratne. We’ve known each other for more than 40 years now, but back then he was just..

  • On ‘true’ National Anthems

    On ‘true’ National Anthems

    Way back in the late eighties, a group of students silenced politically on account of holding views that were at odds with those of the ‘Action Committee’ of the University of Peradeniya, ventured into theatre. The intention was probably not..

  • Buddhist Viharas and Eelam Part 4 D2

    Buddhist Viharas and Eelam Part 4 D2

    The Tamil Separatist Movement has cooked up the bogus idea of a separate Tamil Buddhism in the north to prevent Sinhala claims to those ruins. The claim of a Tamil Buddhist heritage in Jaffna is to prove their right to..

  • Tamil Problem

    Tamil Problem

    There is/was no ethnic problem – There was/is a caste problem The international community has been gulping half-baked stories not because they are unaware of the true story, but because the true story does not fit into their scheme of..